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Champ vom Vilstaler Land

CHAMP vom Vilstaler Land

These days, it is not necessary to own a great stud dog because the availability of frozen semen is now very popular worldwide. The technology of using frozen semen is so far advanced from when we first started freezing semen on our stud dogs. Today, the knowledge of frozen semen breeding has spread all over the world.

If you have a veterinarian who is well-versed with much experience in insemination of females, then a frozen semen breeding can be very successful. Please remember from the last article that a frozen semen breeding should be done on young, healthy females and ones you know are successful in getting pregnant and conceiving.

You need to know that it is more costly to do a frozen semen breeding than a live breeding because of the testing and insemination that must be performed. Expect to add that to your budget, but if you choose the correct stud dog, it will hopefully be rewarding in the exceptional litter you may produce. For older females, females who do not produce large litters and those who have had any problems conceiving,  it is not desirable to use frozen. Then a stud dog needs to be chosen to perform a natural breeding.

If your breeding program has a few females and they are older, or otherwise not good candidates for frozen insemination, then it would be a good idea to either own a good quality stud dog or have an acquaintance with a great stud dog to breed to naturally.

Now you need to decide which male is the best for your breeding female. If your female is young and fertile, then you can choose almost any male in the world. You need to be truly honest with yourself on your breeding program and what is needed to improve your lines.

At Von Evmans, we personally have continued to breed similar bloodlines for many years. Almost every time we have gone out of our lines, we tend to get some genetic problems that we have been avoiding for years. But then we are faced with the cosmetic changes in our breed. I personally know only a few breeds in which the looks of the dogs have changed so drastically from 20 years ago to the present. The beautiful great dogs of the past are just that—“of the past.”

I was looking through many of the pictures from our breeding program from years back with our great dogs including Benno von der Schwarzen Heide who won the World Show and Gary vom Gruntenblick who won the ADRK Klubsieger show and then placed 7th at the ADRK Rottweiler Deutsche Meisterschaft. If they were shown today, they probably would not place in the conformation shows. The heads and other body parts of our breed have changed so drastically, but is it for the better? For the market of selling dogs and puppies—YES! But for our breed staying a working breed, for sure NOT!

This year, the ADRK Klubsieger show was held in the same location on back-to-back weekends with the IFR Working World Championship. Years ago, the dogs who attended, and some who had placed at the Klubsieger show, were also entered and shown at the IPO Working Championship.

Now, the show dogs and the working dogs are so different in looks and structure.

So what do we do with our breeding program? Do we want working dogs or do we want to win conformation shows?

Now we need to choose which temperament we want to breed. In today’s world, a great working dog might be a little too high drive to also be a family dog. The working dog’s drive and energy is so high, to have them as a family pet must be taken in consideration when breeding these working dogs. In many countries, especially USA and Canada, we find other qualities of work that the Rottweiler can do. In the United States, carting is very popular, and Rottweilers are becoming more and more in demand as service dogs. The strength and power of a Rottweiler is desirable for physically disabled individuals. The Rottweiler in general is very smart and they think before they perform.

Whatever your hobby and passion is with the Rottweiler breed, make sure you enjoy it and keep the Rottweiler’s reputation in the top standing as they deserve. Rottweilers are a very intelligent and diversified breed of dog and we always need to have the world respect and admire this special breed.

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Article written by Evie Lynn
Published in Total Rottweiler Magazine, Issue 4 of 2012