A Von Evman Rottweiler from the past! Frozen Semen Available.

The Best Produces the Best
BIS, BISS Select 1 American, Canadian, International Champion
1999 ARV Clubsieger
1998 AKC Best in Show
1997 Westminster Best of Breed Winner
1997 ARC Best in National Specialty Show
Multiple Top Stud Dog Winner

CHAMP vom Vilstaler Land

IPO I, BH, AD, ZTP, RTD, CGC, TT, Pink Papered
ARC Gold Producer, Multiple V-1 Winner
OFA Good Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, Patella, & Thyroid Certified, JLPP Clear
VWB free, CHIC #4629

Some of CHAMP’s Accomplishments…

2007 ARC National Specialty Show 1st Place Veteran Sweepstakes & Best Senior Veteran Sweepstakes
2000 USRC Suncoast Sanctioned Show BEST ADULT MALE IN SHOW
1999 Big Bend ARV Verein Sieger Winner
1999 Big Bend ARV Verein “Top Stud Dog”
1998 Mile High Rottweiler Specialty ARC Best in Show Winner
1998 ARV South East Regional  Sieger and “Most Beautiful Male” in Show.
1998 ARV South East Regional “Top Kennel Group”
1998 ARV South East Regional “Top Stud Dog” winner
1998 ARV North East Regional “Top Kennel Group”
1998 Best in Show at the AKC Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Assoc.
1998 Seminole Rottweiler Club ARC Specialty Show “Award of Merit”
1997 Westminster Best Rottweiler in Show (Best of Breed)
1997 ARC National Specialty “Best in Show” Winner
1997 ARC National Specialty 2nd place in Stud Dog Class
1997 V-1 ARV Oxford Sieger at the National North American Show
1997 ARV National North American Most Beautiful Male in Show
1997 ARV National North American Top Stud Dog Winner
1997 AKC Standing “Top 20 Rottweilers”
1996 CRC Specialty Show Award of Merit
1996 V-1 Winner ARV Clubsieger Show
1996 V-1 Winner USRC Clubsieger Show
1996 ARV Fall Sieger Winner and Most Beautiful Male in Show
1996 V-1 USRC South East Regional Sieger Show


OFA Certifications

RO-PA27/80M/P-PI – Patellar Normal
RO-39425G24M-T – Hips Good
RO-CA100/61M/P-T – Heart Normal
RO-2761 – Eyes Normal
RO-EL1676M53-T – Elbows Normal
CHIC # 4629

Photo Gallery

Show Pictures

In CHAMP’s 5 generation pedigree of 30 ancestors there are:

  • 30 Working Titles
  • 29 of 30 Good Hips, 1-Fair
  • 10 – Europasiegers
  • 12 – Bundessiegers
  • 7 – KlubSiegers
  • 3 – Weltsiegers (World Siegers)
  • 13 – International Champions
  • 2 – ARC Gold Producers

CHAMP’s Offspring have won:

  • Specialty Show Winners here in America and Worldwide
  • American, Canadian, International Champions
  • Siegers and Siegerins
  • Most Beautiful Males and Females In Show
  • Youth Siegers and Youth Siegerins
  • Most Beautiful Puppies In Show
  • Schutzhund, CD, CDX titled
  • Top Rottweilers in Australia


DOC von der Teufelsbrucke

Sire: DOC von der Teufelsbrucke

International, VDH, Austrian Champion

SchH III, FH, BH, HD-, Korung 94, 95, 96 - ADRK Klubsieger Top Stud Dog

UBRINA vom Haus Winter

Dam: UBRINA vom Haus Winter

SchH I, BH, ZTP, Multiple V-1 Winner in conformation