A Von Evman Rottweiler from the past! Frozen Semen Available.

American Champion
International, Austrian, DT.VDH, ADRK Champion
2008 IFR World Sieger & Best in Show
2006 ADRK KlubSieger
2008 Hungarian KlubSieger
2011 SARK Sieger
2010 USRC Southeast Regional Sieger

2007 Swiss KlubSieger
2005 & 2007 Austrian KlubSieger

2005 BundesSieger
2005 EuropaSieger

DJUKE vom Vilstaler Land

SchH III, AD, ZTP, BH, TT, CGC, RTD (Registered Therapy Dog), HD-
OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, Patella Certified, JLPP Clear
CHIC # 45121

Frozen Semen stored in Europe & U.S. and is available for purchase.

Photo Gallery

[wptab name=’Notables’]

  • 1st Place Veteran, 1st Place Stud Dog, & 1st Place Veteran Sweeps at 2012 Seminole Rottweiler Club of N. Central FL Specialty Show
  • V-1 Veteran Male & V-1 Stud Dog at 2011 Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub Sieger Show
  • V-1 Veteran Males & V-1 Stud Dog  at 2011 RKNA Southeastern Working Rottweiler Klub Show
  • 2011 AIRK SARK Sieger, V-1 Veteran Males, V-1 Stud Dog  at 2011 AIRK SARK Sieger Show
  • 2010 USRC Southeast Regional Sieger & V-1 Champion Male Class  at 2010 USRC Southeast Regional Sieger Show
  • 1st Place Stud Dog  &  1st Place Veteranen Klasse at 2010 ADRK Klubsieger Show
  • Best in Show & V-1 Veteranen Klasse at 2010 Austrian Klubsieger Show
  • Top Stud Dog Winner and V-1 Champion Class at the 2010 USRC National Sieger Show
  • DJUKE is the first tailed Rottweiler to win 2 Best of Breed earning 2 majors in the United States in AKC
  • BOB on July 26, 2008 at Waukesha Kennel Club and again BOB on July 27, 2008 at Waukesha Kennel Club
  • 2008 ECRK Winter Sieger under Judge Chantal Delafontaine, FCI
  • V-1 Sieger Class and Top Stud Dog at the 2008 CWRC Fall Sieger Show under Judge Dirk Vandecasteele, FCI
  • Select Adult Male Winner at 2008 USRC Central Florida Rottweiler Klub
  • Over 41 times V-1 Winner
  • Best Of Breed Winner under the age of 2 years old
  • Pink Papered, German Import


[wptab name=’Top Wins’]

  • 2012 SRCNCF 1st Place Veteran Sweeps, 1st Place Veteran, & Top Stud Dog
  • 2012 SARK 1st Place Veteran & Top Stud Dog
  • 2011 RKNA 1st Place Veteran & Top Stud Dog
  • 2011 SARK Sieger & Top Stud Dog
  • 2010 USRC Southeast Regional Sieger
  • 2010 ADRK Klubsieger Show 1st Place Veteranen Klasse & Top Stud Dog
  • 2010 Austrian Klubsieger Show Best In Show
  • 2010 USRC National Top Stud Dog
  • 2009 American Champion
  • 2008 CWRC Sieger & Top Stud Dog
    2008 IFR World Sieger & Best in Show
  • 2008 Hungarian Klubsieger
  • 2008 ECRK Winter Sieger
  • 2008 USRC Select Adult Male Winner
  • 2007 Swiss Klubsieger
  • 2007 Austrian Klubsieger
  • 2006 ADRK German Klubsieger
  • 2006 Frankensieger
  • 2006 Bayernsieger
  • 2005 Bundessieger
  • 2005 Frankensieger
  • 2005 Lechsieger
  • 2005 Europasieger
  • 2005 Austrian Klubsieger
  • 2004 Lechjugendsieger
  • 2004 Westfalenjugendsieger


[wptab name=’Show List’]

2012/02Seminole Rottweiler Club of North Central FL Specialty1st Veteran Sweeps, 1st Veteran Male, 1st Stud Dog 
2012/02Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub Sieger ShowV-1 Veteran Male, V-1 Stud Dog 
2011/09RKNA Southeastern Working Rottweiler KlubV-1 Veteran Male, V-1 Stud Dog 
2011/022011 AIRK SARK Sieger Show2011 AIRK SARK Sieger, V-1 Veteran Males, V-1 Stud DogJosef Hedl, AKC
2010/09USRC Southeast Region Sieger Show2010 USRC Southeast Regional SiegerJosef Hover, FCI
2010/09USRC Southeast Region Sieger ShowV-1 Champion MaleJosef Hover, FCI
2010/082010 ADRK Klubsieger Show1st Place Stud DogDieter Hoffmann, ADRK
2010/082010 ADRK Klubsieger Show1st Place Veteranen KlasseDieter Hoffmann, ADRK
2010/062010 Austrian Klubsieger ShowBest In Show, V-1 Veteranen KlasseEdgar Hellman, ADRK
2010/05USRC National Sieger ShowTop Stud Dog, V-1 Champion Class 
2009/10 New American Champion 
2009/04AKC ShowBest of Winners, Winner Dog 
2008/11CWRC Fall Sieger ShowTop Stud Dog, V-1 Sieger ClassDirk Vandecasteele, FCI
2008/10IFR ShowWorld Sieger, Best in Show 
2008/10Hungarian Klubsieger Show2008 Hungarian Klubsieger 
2008/07AKC Waukesha Kennel Club Show2 x Best of Breed 
2008/03ECRK Winter Sieger Show2008 ECRK Winter Sieger, V-1 Champion Males ClassChantal Delafontaine, FCI
2008/02USRC CFRK ShowV-1 Champion Class, Select Adult Male WinnerDieter Hoffmann, ADRK
2007/08Rottweil KSSV-1 Champion ClassE. Hellmann
2007/06Beringen Schweizer KSSSwiss Klubsieger 2007E. Egolf
2007/06Beringen Schweizer KSSV-1 Champion ClassE. Egolf
2007/05Edt-Lambach Österr.KSSAustrian Klubsieger 2007J. Hover
2007/05Edt-Lambach Österr.KSSV-1, CACA, Best Of Breed Champion ClassJ. Hover
2007/040Meitingen BayernsiegerschauV-1, CAC Champion ClassJ. Wulff
2006/08Riedlingen-ADRK KSSKlubsieger 2006W. Walter
2006/08Riedlingen-ADRK KSSV-1, CAC Champion ClassW. Walter
2006/08 ADRK Champion 
2006/07Nürnberg-FrankenschauFrankensieger 2006W. Walter
2006/07Nürnberg-FrankenschauV-1, CAC Champion ClassW. Walter
2006/04Edt-Lambach Österr. KSSV-1, CACA Champion ClassE. Königsberger
2006/04Meitingen BayernsiegerschauBayernsieger 2006E. Hellmann
2006/04Meitingen BayernsiegerschauV-1, CAC Champion ClassE. Hellmann
2005/12 International Champion 
2005/10Dortmund BSSBundessieger 2005E. Hellmann
2005/10Dortmund BSSV-1, CAC, CACIB, Best Of Breed Champion ClassE. Hellmann
2005/09Vochov CZ-KSSV-1, CAC Champion ClassM. Blaha
2005/07NürnbergFrankensieger 2005J. Hedl
2005/07NürnbergV-1, CAC Champion ClassJ. Hedl
2005/07 Austrian Champion 
2005/06 DT.VDH Champion 
2005/06Landsberg/LechLechsieger 2005E. Königsberger
2005/06Landsberg/LechV-1, CAC, Best Of Breed Working Dog ClassE. Königsberger
2005/06Tulln FCI-Euro DogFCI-Europasieger 2005E. Königsberger
2005/06Tulln FCI-Euro DogV-1, CACA, Best Of Breed Working Dog ClassE. Königsberger
2005/05Wien Österreich-KSSAustrian Klubsieger 2005J. Hover
2005/05Wien Österreich-KSSV-1, CACA Working Dog ClassJ. Hover
2004/10FriedrichshafenV-1, CAC, CACIB, Best Of Breed Open ClassW. Walter
2004/09Düsseldorf KSSV-1, CAC Open ClassH. J. Radtke
2004/06Landsberg/LechLechjugendsieger 2004H. J. Radtke
2004/06Landsberg/LechSG-1, Best Of Breed Junghund ClassH. J. Radtke
2004/05Fried.Berger Gedächtnisschau Freudenberg-BG-SiegerlandWestfalenjugendsiegerG. Apel
2004/05Fried.Berger Gedächtnisschau Freudenberg-BG-SiegerlandSG-1 Junghund ClassG. Apel
2004/05Edt/Lambach Österreich-KSSV-1, CACA Zwischen ClassG. O`Shea
2004/03Nürnberg CACIBV-1, CAC Open ClassJ. Wulff
2004/03Offenburg CACIBV-2 Open ClassH. Weiler
2004/03Graz CACIBV-1, CACIB, CACA, Best Of Breed Zwischen ClassE. Königsberger
2004/02München CACIBV-1, CAC Open ClassE. Hellmann
2004/01RiedlingenSG-2 Junghund ClassA. Spindler
2003/11Tulln Österreich-BSSV-2 Jugend ClassJ. Hover
2003/10Dortmund BSSJKl. SGU. Petermann
2003/09Augsburg SchwabenschauSG-1 Jugend ClassA. Spindler
2003/08Rottweil ADRK-KSSSG-3 Jugend ClassH. Weiler
2003/06Kaisersteinbruch Österreich- KSSV-4 Jugend ClassD. Hoffmann
2003/06KönigsbachJüngstenkl. vvG. Apel




OFA Certifications

  • RO-68662E66M-VPI – Hips Excellent
  • RO-EL6491M66-VPI – Elbows Normal
  • RO-6291/2007-66 – Eyes Normal
  • RO-CA3190/65M/P-VPI – Heart Normal
  • RO-PA245/65M/P-VPI – Patella Normal


CLIFF von der Konigskanzel

Sire: CLIFF von der Konigskanzel

SchH III, BH, AD, IPO III, ZTP, HD-, ED+/-, V-1 Rated

SCARLET vom Vilstaler Land

Dam: SCARLET vom Vilstaler Land

SchH I, BH, ZTP(11.99), HD-Frei, ED +/-


Djuke Frozen Semen Contract