Purchasing a Von Evman Rottweiler

General Rottweiler Questions

Rottweiler Do's & Don'ts

1. Do not leave your Rottweiler outside when you are not at home.
2. Keep fresh water available to your Rottweiler at all times.
3. Never leave a collar or training device around your Rottweiler's neck while left unattended.
4. Do not feed your Rottweiler one to two hours BEFORE or AFTER an exercise period. Doing so could cause the dog to bloat and result in death.
5. Always use a pet carrier when transporting your Rottweiler. Never put your dog in the open back of a pickup truck.
6. Do not allow children under the age of twelve to be alone with your Rottweiler.
7. Do teach children to be loving and respectful of your Rottweiler.