Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

Most rottweiler litters are fully reserved shortly after birth so an early reservation is needed to select the perfect rottweiler puppy for your home. Please visit Reserve a Puppy for more information on purchasing a puppy or adult rottweiler or reserving a puppy from an upcoming litter.
Refer to puppies by their colored bands and genders presented in the photos and descriptions.
(NO TEXT MESSAGES. Please Limit All Phone Contact Until After 6PM, Eastern Standard, or you may submit a CONTACT form)

Xanadu & Mad Max

Litter Due August 15 







Victoria & King Leo Litter Due In September 






Cilly & Champy Litter Due In October






Monster & Champy Litter Due In October







Hexe & Champy Litter Due In November 







Sissy & Champ Litter Due In November (Special Frozen Semen Breeding)







Tina Turner & King Leo Litter Due In November