As a Breeder of Champion German Rottweilers, we love receiving testimonials from happy and proud Von Evman Rottweiler owners from around the world.

Darling Shatzi

Darling Shatzi in her new home.


Wilhelmina is best friends with a pet rabbit, Do not try this at home. Wilhelmina grew up with the rabbit so she is specially accustomed to it. 

Yahya Zuko

Yahya Zuko & his new cat brother are already napping.

Princess Zoe

Thank you for our baby, Zoe. She is the best dog. She is beautiful, smart, snuggles, and best friends with our human kids. She definitely completes the family. 


We love him so much. Thank you for everything! 



Mad Max loving his new home!

After a long day. He’s still on the the floor next to my recliner. He has settled in and appears to be adapting well. He does love attention. – Sam


He loves our Boston ❤️ – Anabeth M.



Xoey (Champ & XUSA)

Xoey passed on June 10th. Just 5 days short of her 13th birthday. She was born on 6/15/07 to Champ & XUSA.
She lived a long full, happy life with Dan & Lori. She was their pride and joy and…

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Connection No One Can Explain

J-lo and my 3-year-old son have a connection no one can explain. They are inseparable! She has a bed in his room and takes all his naps with him and sleeps with him at night. His entire world revolves around…

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Our Rottie, sweet Leela is beautiful, and very smart! You breed pups that are the BEST!!


Ellie – Video 

Djokada – Blind Guide Therapy Dog

Blind Guide Therapy dog – Victoria and Zamp litter.

The Ridley Family | October, 2018

Gunter & Gizzy

Here’s a pic of Gunter with his best friend Gizzy. He loves her and she doesn’t leave his side. I can’t believe he’s going to be 8 years old in December.

Wonderful Companion

Thanks so much for such a fantastic dog and wonderful companion, I couldn’t have asked for a better boy! Thank you so much!!

Hans (Earl & Chiwa) at 2 years old.

Dennis A. | September, 2018

Happy Birthday Grizzly

We celebrated Grizzly’s 1st birthday yesterday with homemade doggy cake and presents. (He’s a little spoiled)

He’s doing great and is just such a good dog all around. He’s a very happy, playful, lovable boy who’s just so smart &…

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Lord Luke

Just want you to know that everyone who isn’t afraid of dogs is in LOVE wherever we go. A little kid told his mom, “Mom, we have to go to Florida to get one”…  Thank you for another great dog!

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I had the pleasure of working with you and purchasing our “first son” back in November of 2007.  Well, we just celebrated his 10th birthday, 5 October 2017.  Well, my son and wife celebrated because I am deployed again.  I…

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Arai is 5 and a half now and he is the best dog ever. He is my PTSD service dog and does his job very well. I have had him escort someone out of an office that I was working…

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Coco…quite the grown up

Coco Chanel… almost a year and a half. She’s went through 2 heat cycles now, and is becoming quite the grown up…

July 29, 2017

Julius von Evman

Hi! Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Julius von Evman. He is just the most beautiful boy and he’s such a joy! We’ve spent the summer by our pool everyday and he LOVES to swim! His best…

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Deuce – Absolute Amazing Boy

My husband Scott and I purchased a puppy from you in 2013.  He’ll be 4 tomorrow! 

Just wanted to give you a little update and some pictures. Deuce has matured into an absolutely amazing boy. Every person he meets is…

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