The Phone Rings… …My female is starting to have her babies – what do I do? Part I

Rottweil Xpress / September 1989

Many females carry vaginal infections that do not show up until she is in her heat cycle. It is very important for the female to get a vaginal culture before she is bred so that no problems arise. A brucellosis test and a thyroid test should also be performed.
She should exercise every day and not be overweight. If she is overweight, she could have problems conceiving or have trouble delivering puppies. I remember a female out of an excellent bloodline that came in for breeding. We picked her up at the airport, all excited to see her, looked in the crate and our jaws dropped. This female was as wide as she was long! While she was in for breeding, we nicknamed her the Guernsey cow.

Breeding her was definitely a chore. I remember the look on our stud dog’s face when he saw her. He looked up at us, and we knew what he was thinking.
After breeding, your female should continue to exercise well and eat a good quality dog food supplemented with protein and a balanced vitamin-mineral preparation. You should increase her food intake slowly, so by the time she is 2 weeks before her due date, she eats twice a day and twice the amount she usually eats. She should now be eating puppy food. Feeding some liver once or twice a week tends to minimize hemorrhage problems in the bitch.
A bitch will carry her pups on the average of 58~66 days, which is the period of gestation. Most of my bitches will carry their pups until the 62nd day. Older bitches will carry their puppies a few days longer.
Your female needs to be in a quiet place. She should be introduced to her whelping box and adequate bedding should be available for her to be comfortable. It should also be in a clean area. Keep her relaxed and prepare for the delivery day. We will cover that day next month.

Article was written by Evie Lynn