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Breeding Rottweilers: Pros & Cons August 8th, 2021

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IABCA Show 2021 April 24 – May 1

IABCA Show 2020 November 29

Von Evman Rottweilers had a great weekend with Leo von Evman taking Best Of Breed Bred by Exhibitor and receiving his IABCA International Championship, Sissy von Evman taking Multiple Best of breed and receiving her IABCA Championship. The show’s top star was My Josephine von Evman winning her IABCA National and International championship, Multiple Best of Breed Puppy, Multiple Group 1, and Reserve Best In Show puppy out of the bred by class.


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Puppy Basics for New Owner – TRM Issue 3 of 2014

Puppy Basics - Von Evman RottweilersThere is more to breeding then just a pretty dog. You must research the bloodlines. The most important issues are the health and strong genetics. If you love your breed, then it should be important for you to breed dogs with all health clearances.

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Puppy Basics for New Owner – TRM Issue 2 of 2014

Puppy BasicsWhen preparing your home for your new puppy, you will need to think of the puppy as a new child. You should clean your entire home to make sure it is clean of any bacteria and virus. A good cleaning agent, or even bleach, will disinfect your home. Be very careful not to have cleaners around with your new puppy. You need to be very careful since your puppy will lick areas of your home that you do not expect.

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Importing or Exporting A Dog To/From USA

Importing or Exporting a Dog The first thing you need to find out is what is required to ship a dog to a certain country. In the USA, we have the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) who  determines the requirements of bringing a dog into the USA. The USDA also will know what is required to ship a dog to a certain country. Each country requires different regulations so you must find out  the regulations before you intend to ship. Special forms must be filled out and these forms might change often so you must keep close contact with the Department of Agriculture in the country you are living in and shipping to.

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Breeding Programs – Fresh Chilled Semen, Natural Breeding & Frozen Semen

Evie Lynn-Von Evman Rottweilers

Evie Lynn

I will write here about natural breeding, fresh chilled semen and frozen semen and the best time to use each of these three options for your female. I get inquiries from people in the USA on breeding and they ask for frozen semen breeding. I tell them that they are close enough to do a chilled or natural breeding. Most people do not know the options, so we will break them down with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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Breeding Programs

Champ vom Vilstaler Land

CHAMP vom Vilstaler Land

These days, it is not necessary to own a great stud dog because the availability of frozen semen is now very popular worldwide. The technology of using frozen semen is so far advanced from when we first started freezing semen on our stud dogs. Today, the knowledge of frozen semen breeding has spread all over the world.

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Importing for a Breeding Program – Part 2

Champ vom Vilstaler Land

Champ vom Vilstaler Land

Should you even import a dog for your breeding program? If you do not have a breeding program now, or your breeding program is not producing dogs who excel for you to reach your ultimate goal, then you have no choice. But where do you find the great dogs to add to your breeding program?

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